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Department of Industrial Relations Malaysia is entrusted to execute following functions:

  • To monitor progress and trends of industrial relations in the country to assist the government to formulate the National Industrial Relations Policy and the National Labor Policy in general from time to time;

  • To coordinate the relations between employers and employees' organizations to foster and promote tripartite rand cooperative relations between the government, employers and workers in the field of industrial relations;

  • To encourage and assist in collective bargaining and joint consultation process at workplaces to motivate practices of self governance in industry as well as joint negotiations and consultation;

  • To provide advisory services to employers, employees, and their respective organization in inculcating healthy and positive industrial relations practices;

  • To provide conciliation services to prevent and resolve trade disputes as well as industrial actions;

  • To resolve disputes arising from employee's representation for reinstatement into their former employment;
  • To deal with recognition claims by trade unions;

  • To assist employees to resolve problems arising from unfair treatment by the employers.



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