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Trade Dispute is defined under the Industrial Relations Act 1967 as a dispute between the employer and his workmen on issues relating to employment, non employment, terms of employment or conditions of work.

The employer or the trade union which is a party to the trade dispute may submit a complaint to this Department for purposes of seeking a resolution.

The following are measures to be taken to resolve a trade dispute:


Direct Negotiation

Negotiations will be carried out between the trade union and the employer according to the procedures stipulated in the collective agreement or in accordance with existing company procedures / policies.



If a resolution cannot be achieved through direct negotiation, the trade union or the employer may report the trade dispute to the nearest Industrial Relations Office. If a resolution is still not attained, the trade dispute will be forwarded to the Minister of Human Resources who, if he thinks fit, refer the dispute to the Industrial Court.


Arbitration by the Industrial Court

The Industrial Court will hear and decide upon the issue in dispute referred to it by the Minister and issue an award. The decision of the Industrial Court is binding on all parties involved and is final and conclusive.



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